11 TSG Recruit Training Course (RTC)

In this course you will cover all the essential knowledge required to become a CADET member within the group and eventually a WINGMEN or PILOT member. The Recruit Training Course is a package of several modules that need to be completed in order, on completion you will gain the knowledge required to operate effectively at a basic level within the group.

You will have 12 weeks in order to complete the RTC. At which point you will become a CADET member within the group. you will then have a further 12 weeks (3 months) to become a PILOT member, details of what is required for this step is discussed towards the end of this module.

Some of the modules will have a check of understanding to ensure that you fully understand the course content, you will be required to get 100% in the checks of understanding and will only have 1 attempt to do so. If you fail to reach the required 100% then you need to speak to your mentor about the areas you had issues with to ensure that you fully understand the required information.

The course is also not expected to be completed instantly, and may take a few weeks to complete the entire set of modules depending on your free time.

The final module of the course will contain a test which covers several of the modules and will require a 90% pass mark. Nothing is designed to “catch you out”, only to ensure you have the core knowledge which can then be worked on by your respective Sqn/Mentor.


Radio Communication Basics

Barometric Pressure Basics

ATC – Ground Control

ATC – Tower Control

ATC – VCCT and Approaches

Aerospace Battle Management (ABM) within the Command and Control Basics

Weather (WIP)