11TSG Recruit Training Course (RTC) MOD-02 – Radio Communication Basics

4 students

Welcome to Module 2 of the RTC. In this module you will learn about using the correct Radio Telephony (RTF) within 11 TSG.

In this course you will cover the following:

  • Why are effective radio comms important?
  • Application of effective radio comms
  • Comms standardisations
  • Transmitting Techniques
  • Switch frequency procedure
  • Setting up Comms on TM Warthog

To finish the course you will be required to pass a Check of Understanding, and as such you will be required to reach 100% in the Check of Understanding to advance to the next module.

In the event you are unable to achieve 100% you should speak to your mentor/Sqn lead to find out what areas need remedial training on to advance to the next module.