11TSG Recruit Training Course (RTC) MOD-10 Flying in a Formation

1 student

Welcome to Module 10 of the RTC. In this module you will learn about flying in basic formations. Whilst this covers flying in an actual formation of aircraft. Equally as, if not moreso important, it also covers flying “as” a formation, meaning teamwork with your fellow pilots. This module will not be covering combat formations, they will be covered in a separate course.

This module will cover the following:

  • Formation Fundamentals
  • Formation Ground and Takeoff Procedures
  • Two Ship Formation
  • Two Ship Rejoins
  • Extended Trail/Tail Chase
  • Four Ship Formation
  • General Operating Limits
  • Abnormal Procedures

Be aware that the journey to good formation flying is a long one and you will likely have to do a lot of practice with the AI and other Sqn members to get it right. We have all been through this process so we understand there may be times where you feel disheartened about a lack of progression (this typically happens when beginning to Air to Air Refuel or AAR) but keep practicing and always aim for perfection. And just remember, Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent, so practice perfectly and perfection will become permanent!