11 TSG Recruitment 2020

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About the Group:

  • We currently have about 10 active members, of a range of ages, that do our best to balance DCS with real life responsibilities.
  • We require that all applicants to be at least combat capable in one full fidelity module, and have a basic knowledge of the DCS Mission Editor.
  • 11 TSG is built upon equal contribution. All active members are expected to contribute in some way – mainly through mission making, but also in other ways that keep the Group and Squadrons active.
  • Our ambition is to fly DCS in a realistic fashion, and almost exclusively PvE/COOP. 
  • 11 TSG is an organisation for Squadrons that come together to fly Campaigns that are made by members, for members. These Campaigns are typically story driven and the sorties are preceded by planning sessions.
  • Our main flight day is Saturdays 19:30z (20:30z Winter) – Secondary days are Mondays and Fridays (Used for Exercises and Planning Sessions).
  • For the moment our main focus is on modern, western, fixed wing aircraft. We also regularly fly events in other modules – for example helicopters and even WW2 aircraft.
  • We fly a lot on the PG map, and plan to use the Syria and Marianas Islands Maps when they are released.
  • Further information about 11 TSG, and what we expect from members, can be found by reading our current ORDERS document.

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