7 SQN – Reapers

We focus on Attack-Reconnaissance operations based on US Army procedures, employing the SA342L Gazelle scout helicopter and the Ka-50 attack helicopter, which will be replaced by the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and the AH-64D Apache when they release for DCS.
Our goal is to achieve the highest possible realism level both when it comes to flying helicopters in general, as well as in combat tactics.


Squadron Structure

A Troop – Attack helicopters – Callsign “Reaper”

B Troop – Scout helicopters – Callsign “Palehorse”

Recruitment Status:

A Troop: Closed

B Troop: Open

Trainings held on Sundays from 21:30 CET/CEST (1930z DST, 2030z Wintertime)