2SQN Jolly Rogers

The home of the Jolly Rogers Squadron.

2nd Jolly Rogers, inspired by the real-life Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (VFA-103) nicknamed “Jolly Rogers” is an aviation unit of the United States Navy.

Our squad were established on Jan 2018 by Acel as Flight Lead, Shell as Second element lead and Bnar as first wingman right after the 11th TSG establishment.

Current Members: Acel, Gorbear, Streamcap, Taxman, Yunan, Dexter

Our primary goal is to achieve a higher sim level in DCS, comply with the required procedures and being a flagship squadron for the 11th Tactical Striker Group  

Jolly Rogers are supporting following airframes:

  • F/A-18C (Primary)
  • AV-8B N/A (Secondary)
  • F-14B
  • UH-1H

Jolly Rogers callsigns

  • Victory
  • Bones