11 TSG Recruitment 2021/2022

About the Group:

  • 11 TSG is an organization for Squadrons that come together to fly Campaigns and Missions that are made by members, for members. These Campaigns are typically story driven and the sorties are preceded by planning sessions.
  • We currently have about 10+ active members, of a range of ages.
  • 11 TSG is built upon equal contribution. All active members are expected to contribute in some way. Mainly through mission making (Basic knowledge of the DCS Mission Editor is highly recommended), but also in other ways that keep the Group and Squadrons active.
  • Our ambition is to fly DCS in a realism oriented fashion, and almost exclusively PvE/COOP. 
  • We welcome people that focus on one module as well as those who fly multiple.
  • We fly a lot on the PG and Syria maps and will fly on most new maps, as they are released. (If you don’t have these maps, you will have a hard time participating). We currently use Open Beta.
  • Our main flight day is Saturdays 20:30z (19:30z during DST) – and on Mondays (20:30z / 19:30z during DST) we have our main briefings for the coming Saturday sortie.
  • On Fridays (20:30z / 19:30z during DST) we have a Joint Training opportunity for all Squadrons – These are flown on NTTR and the Marianas Map.
  • Squadrons:
    • 2SQN requires Super Carrier and the F/A-18C.
      • Training session are on Wednesdays.
    • 3SQN requires NTTR, and either F-16 or AV-8B.
      • Training session are on Fridays.
    • 6SQN flies an assortment of modules.
      • Training session are on Thursdays.
    • 7SQN flies scout and attack helicopters.
      • Training session are on Sundays.
  • Module Requirements:
    • For Carrier Ops, we require the Super Carrier Module.
    • If you’re interested in ATC/ABM taskings we require LotATC (Client).
    • We highly recommend you own the following modules to get the most out of your membership:
      • Persian Gulf
      • Syria
    • We also recommend that you own the WW2 Asset Pack, but it’s not always used.
  • For further information about 11 TSG, and what we expect from members, read our current ORDERS document.

The Recruitment Process:

  1. We will contact you after we receive your application.
  2. An introduction meeting will be set up which will:
    • Explain the structure of the group and what is expected of you.
    • A Mentor will be appointed to you (usually the person doing your introduction).
  3. You will receive an invitation to our Discord server.
  4. You join as a PO (Pilot Officer) in 1SQN.
    • The RTC (Recruit Training Course) introduces you to common procedures in the group. These are DCS-adjusted, real life (RAF/NATO) procedures to lay a baseline so everyone is on the same page during sorties.
    • To properly understand the RTC content, members of 1SQN may fly training sessions to put the theory into practice.
    • When you graduate from the RTC you become an FO (Flying Officer).
  5. Once an FO, you continue your training in 1SQN to prepare for your transfer into your SQN of choice.
    • General Airmanship training is conducted. For new pilots this is done in trainer aircraft, so that you can be coached by a TI (Training Instructor). If you don’t own a trainer module, we use the free T-45 module as well – Experienced pilots will have an opportunity to skip this part.
    • If your SQN of choice have any specific requirements, you’ll train those at this point, with a TI from that SQN.
    • As an FO, you are allowed to participate in Campaign Sorties.
  6. Joining your SQN!
    • When you transfer to your SQN of choice you’ll continue your training.
    • We have voluntary courses, for example ATC procedures, Carrier Ops procedures, or FAC/CAS, if you want to broaden your knowledge base even further.
    • It’s allowed to be a member of multiple SQN’s, as long as you can fulfill the requirements in all of them.
  7. To achieve the rank FLT LT (Flight Lieutenant), you and your Mentor will discuss possible contributions (not monetary). The most common contribution is making a mission for a Saturday sortie. We have plenty of competent mission makers in the group to help you with this. There’s plenty of time to do this (up to 6 months), so there’s no stress! 🙂

Recruitment Officer 11TSG